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  • Manufacturer: United Pet Group
  • SKU: 22909
  • Model Number: 30020

Two tantalizing beef flavors in one irresistable combination of real chicken breast jerky wrapped in the highest quality raw.

  • Manufacturer: PetMatrix
  • SKU: 66036
  • Model Number: C-00200

100 percent rawhide free.

  • Manufacturer: PetMatrix
  • SKU: 66054
  • Model Number: PB-00210

100 percent rawhide free.

  • Manufacturer: Smokehouse Brand Pet Products
  • SKU: 113955
  • Model Number: 84051

Smokehouse treats for dogs are natural hand cuts that preserve the flavcors of the finest quality beef, pork, or lamb.

  • UPC: 669125506660
Nutri-Vet Digital Thermometer provides a rectal temperature reading in as little as 10 seconds, with a temperature range of 90-108 degrees Fahrenheit. The normal rectal temperature for pets ranges between 99.5 degrees to 102.5 degrees F.

  • UPC: 669125506653
Nutri-Vet Droppers are veterinarian approved for use for oral feeding and medicating of your pet.

  • UPC: 669125506639
Nutri-Vet Tweezers with magnifying glass for pets with pointed tips aids in the safe removal of splinters, thorns, ticks, or small objects from your pet's coat or skin. Just squeeze the tweezer ends together and gently pull.

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